Webinar with Antonis Tzanidakis  LOST WORLD
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Webinar with Antonis Tzanidakis LOST WORLD

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The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box is proud to announce our very first Webinar class with Antonis Tzanidakis, steampunk artist extraordinaire.       This an amazing opportunity to create your very own Antonis inspired creation in the privacy of your own home.  Purchase this class and then on the release date you will be emailed your unique code which will give you full access to the professionally recorded video of the class. Watch it once, watch it 100 times. The video does not have an expiry date.  What a fabulous way to not get lost when in a full class room and to be able to go back over and over again when you are not quite sure of a technique. .                                                        No distractions and no time limits.     

This is a list of Stamperia products that Antonis will use though-out the class. Don't stress if you don't have everything or exactly what he has used, check your stash and use what you have.  If there is something that you do not have then The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box can assist you with all your requirements.

Please note that some products are used in both available classes.

LOST WORLDS                                                                                       (MDF PANEL A4 or an A4 size hard cover book)

 Mediums:                                                                                                 Mix Media Glue code: DC28M.                                                                 Extra Forte Glue code: DC07GN                                                             Crackle Paste Transparent code: K3P50                                                  Crackle paste white code: K3P37                                                                Glossy Gel Heavy Body Paste code: K3P43                                              Primer code: K3P28M


Avorio 500: KAL12                                                                               Mattone : KAL20                                                                                     Turchese Indiano: KAL109                                                                        Biscotto code: KAL43                                                                         Cappuccino code: KAL90                                                                             Cuoio code: KAQ004

 Other items                                                                                       Stamperia pattern Paper  : SBB609                                                            Stone paper: DFPCA3                                                                                     Soft Clay code: K3P44                                                                                  wood effect tool : KRP01


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