LSG  Spray Moon Shadow Mist - Moonlit Mulberry

LSG Spray Moon Shadow Mist - Moonlit Mulberry

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LINDYS STAMP GANG - Moon Shadow Mist Spray. Vintage colors, all with a brown undertone that gives your work wonderful vintage qualities and a gorgeously subtle shimmer.These dye based colors are mostly permanent on any porous surface. Fill with hot filtered water to hydrate (to fill line), shake and spray. Sprayers are guaranteed non-clogging.
This package contains one 2oz spray bottle with moon shadow mist powder. 


2oz fine mist spray bottle
Non-toxic, acid-free powdered ink (add warm water)
High quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated colorant for porous surfaces
Use on Paper, canvas, wood, clay and more
Matching Embossing Powders and Magical Powders available
Made in the USA