LSG STARBURST SPRAY - Magnolia Magenta Gold

LSG STARBURST SPRAY - Magnolia Magenta Gold

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Lindy's Gang's innovative line of Starburst ink spray dye creates two-toned color; a base color and shimmer color. Use our ink spray for art journaling, backgrounds on cards, or mixed media art projects.
2oz Fine

Magnolia Magenta Gold is a really special color. This is one of those unique colors that are two-in-one depending on how much you spray. It's a beautiful soft raspberry if you spray it lightly, and a gorgeous deep magenta if you spray heavily.

Either way its delicate gold shimmer makes it a stunner!

  • High quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated colorant for porous surfaces
  • Use on Paper, canvas, wood, clay and more
  • Found in our SWEET TREATS set
  • Matching Embossing Powders and Magical Powders available
  • Made in the USA